Hello and welcome.  This is the first-ever post to ProcessControlGuru.  The mission of this blog will be to educate and inform process control engineers and technicians.  In short, to help you to become a guru in your own field.

We’ll try to do this with blog entries, relevant links and other information on the topic of process control.  You can expect a mix of theory and practice.  You’ll see some discussions on control strategies, process dynamics, and the practical aspects of process control implementation.  This might include some specific case studies or key insights into process control problems.

It is important to us to maintain some focus.  We’ll try to avoid getting caught up in the many proprietary, vendor-specific, software-release-specific sort of things.  Not that we won’t mention vendors, but our focus is on developing your capabilities, not on giving step-by-step instructions to load a software release.

Of course, “process control” is a pretty broad topic.  It includes;

  • Measurement – Instrumentation and Analyzers
  • Process Understanding
  • Control Strategies
  • Operator Interfaces
  • Advanced Control
  • Historians, Monitors, and other add-ons
  • Control Equipment
  • Efficiency & Performance Tracking
  • Simulation

We’ll address design issues as well as maintenance and performance issues.  With any luck, we’ll keep expanding upon this knowledge base as time goes on.

If this lines up with your interests, please follow along.  We hope you’ll be interested!