During tough economic times, everybody including your employer, tries to cut back on costs. Suddenly, there’s no money for projects, training, or travel. What can you do?

Of course, you can start focusing on some internal improvement project…things that you can accomplish without needing a lot of cash. This might include some things that you’ve overlooked for a while, such as:
* Control Loop Tuning
* Alarm Management
* Training Other Employees
* Updating Documentation

You might also keep in mind that there is a cost associated with “doing nothing”. Eventually, this sort of thing will catch up with you. What can you do?

Learn to make a “pitch” for a key project. Make sure that your management understands there is a cost to doing nothing. Show them how spending a little will save a lot. You might be surprised. Some companies have special budgets, specifically for “Hi-return, low-expense” projects. If you can tell a compelling story, you may be able to get access to these funds.

Draft up a short study, showing the cost and benefits of the project, as well as the cost and benefits of doing nothing. Try to quantify everything in terms of economic value wherever possible. Then take this to your manager and make your case.

Even when money is tight, most companies can find funding for projects that deliver a high value.