To develop your process control expertise, you have to stay informed.  Keep current with industry knowledge.  In a field that is so closely tied to the advances of computer and information technology,  some things change quickly.

So, how do you stay informed?  For starters, you need to subscribe to some magazines.  My personal favorites are listed here.  No, they didn’t pay me!

Control Magazine

The editorial staff at Control have their fingers on the pulse of the process control and automation industry.  You can subscribe to the magazine in print or digital form.  They have insightful articles and a comprehensive annual salary survey. The associated web site is a wealth of information, too.

Get more info and subscribe at

Also, don’t miss Editor-In-Chief Walt Boye’s blog, “Sound Off”.  You can find it at

Control Engineering

Control Engineering is more nuts-and-bolts than Control magazine.  It carries a great deal of information on the hardware of process control, and some insightful process control articles by editor Vance Van Doren.  Check out the “Industry Channel” for Process Control.

Under the “Newsletters” tab, you can sign up for some more targeted newsletters.  This is a pretty good option, as it can help you to stay more focused on the info that is relevant to your specific needs.

Control Engineering’s website is

What started as a loosely-organized website for job seekers has now become a full-fledged industry newsletter. Editor Rick Zabel and crew put out regular newsletters full of industry news. This one is 100% digital, no print version available. They have one of the most targeted job-posting boards around. Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, this is a good place to look for a match.

The website could be a little better organized, but we understand there is a change coming soon.