The Process Control Guru blog has a mission: to help you to develop process control expertise. Blog posts are informational in nature, and provide guidance, share experience and advice.

The Process Control Guru blog and web site are managed by George Buckbee, P.E. George is a process control industry veteran, and author of many process control books, articles, and white papers.

George is the author of Mastering Split-Range Control, available at and Automation Applications in Biopharmaceuticals, available at


3 Responses to “About Process Control Guru”

  1. Indranil Says:


    I represent Infiniti-Research, a market research and consulting firm In India.
    I am currently doing a study on Control Valve systems across the globe. I came across this website and thought you could guide me in my study.

    Part of the assessment requires understanding the latest trends in the buying and price pattern of control valve in Americas, Europe and APAC. In the process I am gathering insights from different experts in this fraternity for better understanding.

    Hope to get your response for further communication in this regard.


  2. Manish Patel Says:

    Hello Editor,

    Greetings from Leomi!

    My name is Manish Patel, and I am the founder Director of LEOMI at LEOMI is a manufacturer of Insertion Type Thermal Mass flow meters in India.

    We publish a lot of technical blogs to educate on the technology of Flow measurement and applications in various industries.

    Let me know if that is something you might be interested in. I can write educative articles on various applications of flow measurement in different industries for your publication

    Best Regard,

    Manish Patel

    Director of LEOMI Instruments Pvt. Ltd.


    1. processcontrolguru Says:

      Hello Manish –

      I admit, I have not put much effort into the processcontrolguru blog in the past year. Just came across your comment now.

      I will keep you in mind, if/when we do something on flow measurement.



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