Are you aware that there is a movement to formalize the Automation field as a recognized profession? In fact, the U.S. Government is actively involved. If you want to be a process control guru, you should definitely find out more about this group! Read on…

Yesterday, I attended a webinar jointly presented by the U.S. Department of Labor, and an industry group called The Automation Federation. These two groups have been actively working to develop the Automation field as a recognized profession.

Why? Because there is a shortage. A shortage that will continue to grow with time if we do not actively recruit, develop, and retain skilled people into this profession.

At this point, the primary focus has been on the development of a “Competency Model”. This is basically an outline of the skills required to be competent in the field. With a good competency model in place, the thinking is that:
* Colleges and Universities can develop curricula
* Businesses can identify career paths, job descriptions, and training needs
* Individuals can identify their own career and training needs.

The Automation Federation, , is a consortium made up of ISA, World Batch Forum, OMAC, and WINA members. Direct leadership from some industry sponsors is driving this effort forward. For example, Paul Galeski, CEO of Maverick Technologies, was a presenter in the webinar. Maverick is a large system integrator based out of the St. Louis area.

You can get more information about the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration via the following web site:

The work is just starting. There is a lot of heavy lifting to be done. But, this effort has momentum, and everyone in the automation career field stands to benefit. Please get involved. Your profession needs you!