Do you want to interact with other process control gurus? Where can you find a good social media forum for process control?

As it turns out, they are everywhere. Here are a few of my favorites:

Strangely enough, this social media site has some fairly good, in-depth discussions on topics related to process control. In my experience, LinkedIn had been mostly for people seeking a career shift. But it turns out that there are now quite a few discussion groups on technical topics as well. You get access to a wide variety of experts, with almost no spam. Worst case, you have to fend off some recruiters. Join at , and join some of the discussion groups, like:

  • Automation
  • Advanced Process Control (APC) Professionals
  • Automation & Control Engineering
  • Alarm Management
  • Automationtechies

…and that’s just the ones that start with “A”. You can get automated summaries of the activity. Don’t overload…I recommend weekly digest emails. If you see something interesting, then you can jump in.

The A-List
This is a newsgroup-like forum, run on You send an email question to the forum, and other members may respond with some solutions.
Go to Control.Com for a list of FAQ’s about the AList.

The Process Automation Usability Project
One of the newer entries to the arena, this forum is well-organized, and is getting contributions from some industry thought leaders. Give it a whirl at:

When joining, please be respectful of the group…Students – This is not supposed to be “free help” for your homework! You might try auditing the group for a little while, to get an idea of what they are doing.

Oh! And be a good process control guru….jump in and share your own knowledge when someone needs a little help!