If you want to become a process control guru, you need to read some good process control books.  And Greg Shinskey has written some great ones.  Here are my suggestions:

Process Control Systems Application, Design, and Tuning

Like most process control text books, you get all the basics of how to develop process models, how to predict response in open-loop and closed-loop.  What sets this book apart is that Greg quickly shifts into the practical application of process control.  He guides the reader through some common individual loops, then on into more compliacted control strategies.  As icing on the cake, he dives into some more detailed application case studies.  Every time I open this book, I learn something new.

Distillation Control for Productivity and Energy Conservation

Greg Shinskey is the absolute master of the topic of distillation control.  When I have discussed distillation controls with Greg I have always been amazed at how he can say two or three sentences, and give me enough information to chew on for a week.  So you can only imagine how much great information is contained in the 350 pages of this book.

If you are involved in distillation control, you cannot be without this book.

pH and pION Control in Process and Waste Streams

On this one, you have a choice…some prefer Greg Shinskey’s book, and some prefer Greg McMillan’s. Go with what you can find. More on "the other Greg" some other day.