F. Greg Shinskey has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from ISA….and it’s about time!!  For over 50 years, Greg has contributed to our profession.  His contributions have come from his work certainly, but more importantly from his willingness to share what he knows.

His 11 books on process control are widely read, and should be part of your library, too!  If you want to become a process control guru, you can learn a lot from what Greg has done.  After graduating from Notre Dame with a  Chemical Engineering degree, Greg started his career with some practical, hands-on experience.  He eventually landed at Foxboro, where he was a major influence for decades.

If you’ve ever had a chance to meet him, you would see how quickly Greg can penetrate to the heart of a problem, and how concisely he can describe the key issues.

Congratulations, Greg, on this long-overdue award.  You earned it decades ago!